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Must see attractions in Capri

Best tourist attractions in Capri

It doesn’t matter the island of Capri was decamped by the emperor Tiberius and Augustus to stop the movement of the ancient Rome. Today, the island is still attracting the travellers from all over the world. The island isn’t even big enough as it cover 6 kilometers long range and almost 2 kilometers wide, but you will get great enjoyment in the island of Capri. Check out the best attractions in the Capri island that you must visit on your Capri tour.

Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto)

As the island got everywhere water and green lush scenes that will relax your inner health, there is a flooded cave in the capri island. It is called Blue Grotto because when the sun light enters the cave from the only opening, it reflects the bright blue light. The opening of the cave is barely one meter high. Small boats take you in the cave. So you might have to lie down on the boat to enter. In the rough sea season, its impossible to enter the cave. Romans called it as a sea fairies home. But from the 19th century, it is been a major tourist attraction. You can get to this place from Marina Grande on boat, from Anacapri on bus or by taxi.

Giardini di Augusto (Gardens of Augustus)

The next attraction in capri is the Giardini di Augusto (Gardens of Augustus). As the name depicts, it’s a beautiful mountainous sea side place where you will peace all around and you will find a leafy terrace all around with the blue green water below. Also about 91m below, there is another side to see the bay of Marina Piccola with the incredible via Krupp. It’s a walking path leading to Marina Piccola.

Punta Tragara

The southeast tip of the island of capri covers another tourists attraction which is basically a terrace on the cape of Punta Tragara. It covers the south coast along with the three sea stacks also called as Faraglioni. You’ll find two amazing paths, one down to Faraglioni and one up to the Arco Naturale. The beautiful views bend from mainland Sorrento peninsula to the Monte Castiglione, its castle and then down to bay of Marina Piccola. And from the right side of this terrace, there is the most beautiful walk leads to Pizzolungo.

Monte Solaro

Another attraction of the island of Capri is the Monte Solaro. From the top point, you can not only enjoy the full view of island but also the can be amused by the Amalfi peninsula and Bay of Naples. Its one hour long footpath travel and 12 minutes chair-lift from the Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri.

Boat Trips

The last and the most enjoying attraction of Capri is the boat trip. If you are tired of being walking all around and now you want to see the beauty by just sitting, then Capri gives you a chance to do this as well. You can see most of the part of Capri island in 2 hours boat journey.

For more attractions and even secrets of the island, we'll be pleased to give you several tips!

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