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Capri is an extraordinarily picturesque island that combines spectacular coastal landscapes with a rich Mediterranean flora and fauna. It is an ideal destination for nature lovers and those seeking unspoiled natural beauty. A network of hiking trails allows you to explore the island far and wide.

Il Pizzolungo and the natural arch


The Pizzolungo Trail is one of the most scenic and captivating trails on the island of Capri. Along the path, you can admire the sheer cliffs overlooking the sea, the Faraglioni rock formations, the Matermania cave, and hidden coves. Additionally, you'll also have the opportunity to view some historic coastal villas, including Villa Malaparte, a modernist structure renowned for its bold architecture and panoramic location. The Pizzolungo Trail is considered easily accessible and does not require specific hiking skills. However, it's important to wear comfortable footwear and carry water, especially on hot days.

Villa Jovis and Villa Lysis

Villa Jovis is one of the most significant Roman imperial residences on the island of Capri. This villa was constructed during the reign of Emperor Tiberius, who ruled the Roman Empire from 14 to 37 AD. The villa is renowned for its panoramic location, perched atop a sheer cliff overlooking the sea, providing spectacular views of the coastline and the Gulf of Naples. Villa Lysis, also known as Villa Fersen, is another historic villa located on the island of Capri. It was built in the early 20th century for the French aristocrat Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen, who was a writer and poet. Villa Lysis is known for its elegant architecture and neoclassical style. The villa is surrounded by a garden with panoramic views of the sea and the Gulf of Naples. This villa became a gathering place for artists, writers, and intellectuals of the time, contributing to the creation of a vibrant cultural atmosphere in Capri. A scenic pathway with views of the sea, known as the Sentiero delle calanche, connects the two villas, surrounded by Mediterranean maquis flora.


Giardini di Augusto and Via Krupp


Thanks to their natural beauty and spectacular view, the Giardini di Augusto are often considered a romantic place, perfect for honeymooning couples or simple romantic strolls. Via Krupp is located just under the Augustus Gardens, connecting the center of Capri to Marina Piccola, one of its enchanting beaches. The road offers breathtaking panoramic views of the coastline, the crystal-clear sea, and the imposing sea stacks rising from the azure waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. What truly makes Via Krupp special is its zigzag layout and steep curves, giving the road a picturesque and unique appearance. The road was commissioned by the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp in the early 20th century and was designed by engineer Emilio Mayer to conveniently connect his villa on the hill to the beach below. The road is constructed from local stone and winds its way through lush vegetation, creating a captivating contrast between nature and architecture.

Il Sentiero dei Fortini 

The Sentiero dei Fortini is a captivating hiking trail located in the area of Anacapri. It stretches along the western coast of Capri, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and offering breathtaking views of the azure waters and coastal cliffs. The name 'Path of the Forts' derives from the presence of historic fortifications along the route. These forts, built in the 19th century, were used for the coastal defense of the island and were part of the island's defensive system. The Path of the Forts is considered moderately challenging and requires good physical fitness. The paths are often narrow and winding, with some steep inclines.


Monte Solaro


Monte Solaro is the highest peak on the island of Capri. It rises to approximately 589 meters above sea level, making it the highest point on the island of Capri. Its elevated position offers a spectacular panoramic view of Capri, the Gulf of Naples, and the surrounding islands, including Ischia and Procida. To reach the summit of Monte Solaro, you can take a scenic chairlift called the 'Seggiovia di Monte Solaro,' which departs from Anacapri. There are also hiking trails leading to the summit for those who wish to take a scenic walk through pristine nature.

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